hp 9s
Scientific Calculator
The Everyday Calculator
- Reduce the number of decimal places on the display to make it easier to understand the solution, or work in engineering number mode.
- Edit statistics and calculate permutations, combinations, and factorials at the push of a button.
- Works in a variety of system modes: rectangular and polar, or Degrees, radians, and grads. Memory stores and retrieves data; two clear memory options.
hp 33s
Scientific Calculator
An impressive array of programmable scientific
- 28 Kb user memory; rpn and algebraic data-entry modes.
- Solves science, math, surveying and engineering problems quickly.
- Edit, undo and delete capability.
- Hp solve application allows you to write and solve equations for any variable without rewriting your original equation.
- Integral calculations.
- One- and two-variable statistics.
- Base-n functions, mathematical functions, fraction mode and 40 physical constants.
- Multiple memory management, linear solve and metric conversions . Powerful, two-line display with screen contrast feature.
hp 10bll
Financial Calculator
The economical choice for business schools.
- Essential business and maths functions.
- Over 100 built-in functions for business, finances, mathematics and statistics - loan payments, interest rates, amortisation, discounted cash flow analysis and more.
- Algebraic data entry.
- Intuitive keyboard layout with easy-to-read labels
hp 49g+
Symbolic Graphing Calculator
It's all you need to invest in your future: hp's most powerful graphing calculator
. 2.5 Mb total memory (512 kb ram with 2 mb flash rom) . Rpn, algebraic and textbook data-entry modes
. Large, 131 x 80 pixel high-contrast screen
. Four different font sizes and styles
. Flash memory allows for future electronic upgrades via usb*
. Computer algebra system delivers dynamic symbolic Manipulation and numeric solving
. "Step-by-step" problem-solving displays
. Intelligent editor isolates and evaluates sub-expressions
. Make statistical inferences
. 3-D graphing functions with interactive graphics.





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