So you want to buy or upgrade your PC
Here are a few tips and recommendations to consider.

• Make sure of your needs before any purchases are made.

In order of expense.
Basic office PC (R 5,000>)
Basic home or home office PC (R 5,000>)
Multimedia or Graphic PC (R 6,500>)
Gaming and Entertainment PC (R 8,000>)
Be the best on the block PC (R 30,000<>)
(Very General prices)

Basic office PC
Just you’re basic entry-level PC for typing and processing data

Basic home or home office PC
Same as above, maybe a slightly faster processor or larger hard drive capacity.

Multimedia or Graphic PC
Definite Increase in hard drive capacity and memory.

If used to make DVD Movies it is recommended that you have a second hard drive to work on which can easily be erased and defragged and ready for the next work of art.

Gaming and Entertainment PC
This type of PC would most likely cover as a Multimedia PC as well because of its capabilities but is not recommended to do video editing on a PC loaded full of games.

The man difference with this type of PC would be the 3D screen card required for most games (This could be a whole topic on its own, so just discuss this with one of our sales personal before you purchase anything!!)

Other important factors will be things like better sound cards and decent speakers for true surround quality, and then of course your choice of display.

Be the Best on the Block PC
Well exactly what it is. For those that are not “scared” come see how expensive a PC can really get. Any teenager’s dreams can be met.

These are some of the basic needs in the PC industry but can give you a guideline of where you might fit with your requirements. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of knowing what you want to do with your PC before any purchase gets made.


• Upgrades

Most people always ask for a PC that will last them a long time and that is fully upgradeable. All PC’s that we sell are always upgradeable but the question is when will you be upgrading? For example your motherboard might be able to take a much faster CPU then you have now but in a year or two that type of CPU won’t be available on the market anymore. As new technology comes in so the old falls away. This catches most people out and then end up feeling done in. Always try to visit or contact us to keep up to date with any changes in technology.

Pre-Built or Custom Built

Quite a few companies sell pre-build PC’s(walk in, buy and leave)

Things to consider

There pricing is sometimes very good but be warned as it might cast you more in the end.

Since they are pre-build and target mass sale. The specifications normally tend to be more of an office or home office PC and sometimes can’t be upgraded to a multimedia or gaming PC which is actually what you wanted in the first place but were misinformed. But if that’s what you want then it could be a good buy for you. Another important point is the after sale support which is normally non existent.

Custom build PC’s might be a little more expensive but not always. With this purchase you have peace of mind that you can buy what you require with full after sale support and guarantee.


All PC’s sold should be sold with an operating system e.g. Microsoft Windows or Linux.

Unless the client has bought a full version(owned by the client) of Microsoft Windows which if the EULA stats it he may install on his new PC. If the client has a OEM Version(owned by pc, Lives and dies with the PC) he is entitled to purchase a new OEM or Full Version for his new PC. We as Microsoft do NOT support illegal copies of windows or any other software.

Why Register?

It is not required by Microsoft to register your copy with them but is recommended as no support will be given on unregistered software.


• Maintenance and improvements

It is recommended to have the pc serviced on a regular basis(6 Months) to maintain good working order, and can then be advised on possible upgrades for added improvements.

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